Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Visiting Utah

Mason's parents decided to fly us out last weekend on Friday the 4th to see family and friends and indroduce Maximus to all of them. We got to the airport with plenty of time but I flight got delayed for an hour and a half. So instead of arriving in Utah at Max's fussy time we were just boarding the plane instead. he started to get fussy in line, then cried a bit when we first got on but slept the rest of the flight. So it ended up not being to bad I just felt so sad for him when he would get his big frown. We had a great time in Utah. Saturday we had a open house for Mason's moms friends and Mason's good friend cane with his wife and cute baby girl. It was fun to visit with people and they all gave us some really cute gifts. Max also met two of his cousins for the first time, Savannah and sienna. They loved him and wanted to hold him a lot. Then Emily took us down to Orem to see our good friends the ford's we also got to see Kyle who I had not seen for about 3 years! it was so nice to visit with them and we got to go and see Karlee and Lindsay's apartment in downtown Provo. Then after we were done there we headed back up to Sugar House to eat at Omar's Raw Food restaurant, with Ben, Meggie, my mom, Emily, Mason, Max, and me. on Sunday we headed up to Logan to see my aunt Ginny which was so nice to be up there and she has the cutest house. We had a late lunch and sat around the table and talked. We went back to Mason's parents and had a really nice dinner with them. On Monday we had a relaxing morning and went out to lunch with Mason's mom. Then I met Emily at the Gateway Mall with Max. We were in Old Navy when I saw a yellowish splat on the ground. My heart jumped because I was affraid Max had just thrown up. But I was relieved when I realized It was just a poop blow, I looked down and it was all down my pants. On top of that I had forgotten wipes...So Emily helped me wet paper towels and clean off max and change his clothes and all. Poor Max but he was so good through it all never complained once. That night we went out with Masons family to The Old Spaghetti Factory for Savannah's birthday. Then we had a lunch at Artic Circle Tuesday(also for Savannah) then we flew back home to California. the flight back was so nice because they let us bring Maximus' car seat on and he loved it and fell asleep for most of the flight. And now lots of pictures...


  1. cute meags a beags!! I loved having you here!!!

  2. I'm so so sorry we didn't get to you Meg. I love and miss you so much!