Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2 Months Old

My baby Maximus is already 2 months old. I know everyone says they can't believe it when there baby grows, and now I know how they feel. He has gotten so much bigger and more into toys like rings he can shake. He has always been very alert but he looks more intrigued by things now.

Here are some things Max loves at 2 months:
-skin to skin with daddy
-his bouncer chair and babbling to the dangling toys.
-cuddling with mommy
-daddy walking around with him over his shoulder
-being on his changing table
-looking at his sailboat picture
-getting A&D rubbed on his bum
-bath time

Here are some new things Max has started doing:

-putting his fists in his mouth
-smiling and talking a lot
-holding onto toys and kinda shaking them
-turning on his side
-sleeping on his side with his head at far back as it will go(this looks funny)
-getting a bit better with his head control

I love my little Maximus and watching his cute personality come out.He does the cutest things and melts my heart every time he smiles at me, it makes me want to just squeeze him! I feel so lucky to have him.
I love you my sweetheart.
Here is a video of him 2 months old:


  1. What a sweet little love bundle!! Tell him happy 2 month birthday for me!Just give him the message. He'll understand.

  2. meggie he's so big! Its so crazy you have a child. Mason's nipple confused me at first then i was like, "oh ok, its mason." When in June are you coming out to Utah?