Monday, November 24, 2008

Picasa and Fun

So I am jobless right now, I am trying to find a good place to work and that's close to home. Mason and I moved out of his Grandparents about 2 weeks ago and moved out here to LA. But Mason has a good job working for a company called or where he processes live concerts for online sale. So I am home alone during the week until I find a job, and I get pretty bored, I do have a nice bike that I got from Mason's parents for my birthday that I love so much and is nice to take out for a bike ride once in awhile but sometimes its hard to get motovated to even go out, I know its sad. So I discovered Picasa awhile ago and downloaded it for free from google its a really cool picture fixer and like tool to do cool things to you pictures and make slideshows and collages. So I have been kinda caught up in doing that a bit. You can also create a web album with it. Here is my web album. And you can download picasa if you just type it in google it will come up as the free download.Here is one I did awhile ago, the most recent album I did was my San Frisco with Kaitlin. And Yeah we are just that good of friends.

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